The Benefits of Hiring Rangels Patio and Concrete as Your Local Retaining Wall Expert in Marengo, Ohio.

There is a wide range of benefits when hiring a local retaining wall contractor. One is the high-quality materials that we use with each project. Rangels Patio and Concrete has local providers where we purchase rock of the highest quality. We have the training and experience required to build proper retaining walls and provide excellent results.

Most homeowners are unable to find a better deal for materials even if they speak with the same wholesaler. This is because the contractor has an established relationship with wholesale material providers. Homeowners can be assured of both the sturdiness and quality of the retaining wall since contractors only build retaining walls of the highest quality.

The stress of building a retaining wall is eliminated for the homeowner. Unless the homeowner is a professional or has received specific training, attempting to acquire all the necessary materials to build the wall is extremely difficult and the results are often poor. Hiring a reliable contractor is a much better option than spending the time and money to plan and build the wall.

Here are some things to consider when hiring Rangels Patio and Concrete

Quality and Price:

For decades we have used the highest quality materials with our retaining walls. Our customers have been very happy with the products we use and the quality of our work. They have generously said some kind words on our reviews and shared their satisfaction with us personally.


Asking for references can help also. We can provide references if you need them. On our website, google, and Facebook we have a review section where previous client posts can be found discussing our services.


Make certain the entire contract is read thoroughly to be certain the project details are correct. We encourage our customers to ask us any questions to clarify anything they don’t understand.

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