Tips for Choosing the Right Concrete Expert in Marengo, Ohio

Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials on the market. It’s implemented in so many construction projects that it even beats out wood and metal as being the most used construction material. While concrete is an amazing substance, only experts can work with it as safely and effectively as possible to create the highest quality structures and perform various concrete services such as grinding. To hire the right concrete expert for any project, follow these tips.

Verify Qualifications

The first course of action in finding an expert concrete contractor is verifying their licenses and certification. Every state requires a license of some sort to legally run a concrete business. Verify that the contractor holds the necessary valid licenses and certifications to legally work with concrete.

Evaluate Experience

The value of experience cannot be overlooked when choosing a concrete contractor. Anyone can be impeccable on paper but still have little experience on the job, which could lead to devastating mistakes and dangerous situations. At a minimum, a contractor should have at least five years of experience under their belt to be considered skillful and reliable.

View Their Portfolio

Any true professional will have a well-crafted portfolio of their best and most recent jobs available to examine. It’s important to look through every photo to ensure that their work is as high-quality as possible. In addition, a portfolio is a great source of inspiration for any concrete project still in the early stages.

Consider Professionalism

Having the skills and knowledge to the get the job done is one thing but having a high level of professionalism is another. A concrete expert should have clear communication skills, a friendly demeanor, keep their promises, be polite and respectful to clients and employees, provide clients with suggestions, workarounds and compensation for any issues that arise, and they should be punctual.

Read Customer Feedback

Check third-party business review websites to see if a contractor has positive customer feedback. Business websites will commonly have testimonials and user review sections, but these are unreliable since the owners control the information being displayed. They can easily fake positive responses or even filter out all negative posts.

Compare Prices

Finally, once some professional and highly skilled candidates have been narrowed down, it’s important to compare prices. Get estimates from each potential contractor and compare their prices along with their services. Don’t settle for the lowest estimate just to save some money. The most reasonably priced contractor is usually the best option since it indicates that they value their work enough to not sell it short while also respecting their customers enough to not overcharge. We at Rangels Concrete & Patio are waiting for your phone call, please call us today!