Professional Patio & Deck Contractor Serving Sunbury, Ohio

The exterior of your home reflects your personality and style. You spend all year anxiously awaiting the warm weather to have your family and friends over to eat, chat, play games, or enjoy each other's company in the fresh air. Why not make it more enjoyable for everyone? The patio and deck are an attractive part of the outside living space. With the various styles available today, you can add beauty, fashion, and functionality to any deck. Here we will discuss patio and retaining wall installation and how Rangels Patio and Concrete can help you make your dreams a reality.


The first step in the patio & deck installation process is to consult with Rangels Patio & Concrete. We can help you take the vague ideas in your head and put them into reality. We can review what you want to install, how much space you have, and your desired overall look. We will also evaluate your home to ensure they can provide a high-quality installation. After we have all the information necessary, we will present you with several options. We can use examples of other installations done in the past or a computer program that shows you what certain materials, colors, and designs look like in your home. During the consultation, the Rangels Patio and Concrete team will review what you want and how it will be installed so that you can make an informed choice.

Planning and Preparation

After you are satisfied with the design and layout, the Rangels Patio & Concrete team will return to your home to begin the work. They will do an overall inspection of your home. After the inspection is complete, they will start preparing for installation. This makes sure things go smoothly during the installation process. This includes removing existing patio material, checking if any electrical, gas, or water lines need to be moved or re-positioned, preparing the ground for new paving material, and more. Rangels Patio and Concrete will ensure that the job site is cleaned up as work progresses.


After the site has been prepared, we will start installing the patio material. It will be a messy process with a lot of dust, but they will ensure that the inside of your home is protected. Rangels Patio and Concrete use high-quality patio materials. The team will help you choose suitable materials for your needs. They provide quality artistry with every installation they perform. Our specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and industry guidelines to ensure that your new patio will last for years.

After the installation, our specialists will show you how to care for your new patio. If you have questions about patio installation in Sunbury, Ohio, Rangels Patio and Concrete's team are available by phone, email, or text message. For any problems or concerns, they will be happy to provide solutions.