What Custom Deck & Patio Designing Services Are Included with Rangels Patio & Concrete in Dublin, Ohio?

A properly designed deck and patio adds more beauty and value to a home. Homeowners should look for custom deck and patio designing services that offer quality design, construction, and installation of decks using high-quality materials. Experienced professionals in this field should be able to help homeowners create custom decks and patios that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Here are some ideas for custom deck and patio designing services that homeowners should look for:

Built-in Bars and Benches

A custom deck design can include built-in bars and benches that are eye-catching and provide a great place to relax. Low-height decks with steps or a high-level wraparound deck with comfortable seating areas can offer the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. With a railing that surrounds the deck, it minimizes the need for additional furniture.

Freestanding Decks

When a deck is built directly onto the home, it can be difficult to access from different areas of the house. A freestanding deck adjacent to the home is a great way to provide space for entertaining and create a place with more privacy. Freestanding decks can also provide a great view of the surroundings and be more easily decorated.

Incorporate Covered Decks

Decks that are exposed to the elements can become uncomfortable during bad weather. Incorporating covered areas into the custom deck design can provide a place to escape from the various unfavorable conditions while the privacy of still enjoying the outdoors. The decks with covered areas can offer seating and outdoor furniture shaded from the sun and protected from rain.

Include Lighting in the Design

A nighttime deck can be a magical space with the addition of lighting. A custom deck design should include task and accent lights to create a cozy atmosphere for parties or a cozy spot for evening lounging. Recessed ceiling lights or side-mounted lights can easily be incorporated into dimmer switches to offer ambient lighting levels that can be adjusted for each occasion.

Multi-Level Decks Leading Down to a Patio Area

If a homeowner has a sloped lot, multi-level decks can be incorporated into the design to create several different areas for entertaining and relaxing. A patio at the bottom of the deck can provide a peaceful escape with a great view. This can provide an exciting way to access different parts of the backyard while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the entire space.

Deck Accessories

Incorporating screened walls or windows, fire pits and grills, open sun decking, and even outdoor Lighting to the deck design adds a unique touch to the backyard. Deck accessories will enhance the usability of a deck and create an atmosphere that reflects your style. A TV can also be added to the deck so that you can relax and watch your favorite shows outside.

Overall, a custom deck design can be tailored to the homeowner's needs and aesthetics. It can include an array of aspects that provide an ideal outdoor living space that family and friends can enjoy. It is imperative that a custom deck design is well-thought and planned out to ensure that the finished product meets all expectations.

Rangels Patio & Concrete has decades of experience in custom patio, deck, and fencing design and installation. We welcome you to contact us today to discuss your next project!