Benefits of Paver Patios for Outdoor Living & Hiring a Local Patio Contractor in Knox County, Ohio

Most landscaping experts recommend patio pavers for those looking to make their outdoor space more functional and elegant. People can add much functionality to their outdoor space by landscaping with patio pavers. There are many advantages when compared to other types of landscaping material, such as brick or concrete pavers.

What are Patio Pavers?

A patio paver is a brick of a smaller size than an average brick. These pavers are typically used to pave walkways or garden patios, although they can also be used to construct walls. Homeowners often use these pavers in their backyards, although they are occasionally employed in commercial and other applications.

Advantages of Using Patio Pavers

A person can easily customize their patio with a patio paver. For example, they may want a specific color for their deck. With pavers, people can purchase the exact size and shape of the paver they wish to, allowing for a design that fits their style. Patio pavers can also be used to match the rest of a home.

Patio pavers last longer than conventional brick, concrete, or stonework. They typically cost about one-third the price of other materials, making them a financially attractive choice for many homeowners. Durability is an attractive feature in pavers as they usually last anywhere from five to twenty years. Homeowners won't have to replace their paver patio every few years and save on labor costs.

Using patio pavers can prove to be relatively low maintenance. A homeowner may need to clean their patio with a hose, gutter cleaner, or pressure washer every once in a while, to keep their paver patio looking its best. The most maintenance they'll likely have to do is replace a few of the smaller pavers from time to time.

Using patio pavers guarantees relative safety. Patio pavers are non-slip and absorbent, making them a safe surface for children and the elderly. A permeable patio will not be susceptible to water damage, which could cause mold or mildew.

Tips for Construction of a Paver Patio

Consulting a landscaping expert is always a necessary step to take before construction starts. They should help select the best materials for a patio. There are many factors to consider when preparing a paver patio. It is essential to choose a paver that is designed for the project and the season. A homeowner should also consider what soil they have in their yard.


Drainage is a critical aspect of design. Proper drainage can prevent the formation of ice in the winter. The best way to determine adequate drainage is to get a percolation test done on the soil. A good paver patio should have proper drainage, so water will seep through it quickly and not freeze on the deck.

Weed Growth

A geotextile fabric underlayment should be used if the soil has a problem with weed growth. This fabric prevents the roots of weeds from growing into a patio.

Extra Pavers

For future repairs, it is wise to purchase a few extra pavers if the original ones need to be replaced at some point during their life span.

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