Deck and Patio Installation by Rangels Patio & Concrete in Apple Valley & Howard, Ohio

Rangels Patio & Concrete in Apple Valley and Howard, Ohio

"They built exactly what I wanted, I would recommend them to everyone, They did an amazing job and exceeded expectations"—these are some phrases our customers used in some of our google reviews. Rangels Patio & Concrete are your local deck and patio contractors serving Apple Valley and Howard, Ohio. Hiring local deck and patio professionals can provide prompt estimates, quality materials, and superior levels of customer satisfaction.

Experts in Outdoor Living

Deck and patio installation can create an exciting transformation your outdoor living experience. Precision and professional skills in planning and building are something you can count on with Rangels Patio & Concrete. We have decades of experience and customers who can attest we are the best choice when it comes to installing paver patios, decks, fencing, retaining walls, and walkways.

Deck and patio installation can be tricky when dealing with uneven landscapes. We all know in Apple Valley and Howard, Ohio, landscapes are not always flat. Rangels Patio & Concrete will help you envision not only what will make for a beautiful deck and patio, but we can also help you decide what will fit best with your unique landscaping set up. This will help ensure longevity with the quality of products that we use and our installation team.

Local Commitment & Professional Courtesy

Rangels Patio & Concrete maintains a very professional approach from consultation to completing your project. It all starts with a free consultation, which makes it possible for us to understand what you imagine.
Choosing a local contractor for the deck and patio contractor like Rangels Patio & Concrete is a choice that supports local business. Apple Valley and Howard, Ohio, is a close community where we have installed countless decks and patios. If you read our reviews on Google, you will see what other valued customers have to say about us. But you’ll really be delighted when you call us, and someone not only answers the phone if we aren’t currently working on a project but will promptly call you back to schedule an estimate because we value the opportunity.

Deck & Patio Scheduling

Once we have met and discussed your individual cost for the project, we schedule your deck and patio to work with your schedule. The only detail that every gets in the way of our target completion date is mother nature, so we encourage people to contact us if they have any questions when working with us. We secure a deposit, and you are on your way to improved outdoor living.

Client Satisfaction

In Apple Valley and Howard, Ohio, Rangels Patio & Concrete is more than just a contractor; we are your partner in enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Over the years, we have remained customer-focused, seasoned experts, and with the utmost professionalism, we have reached a level as leaders in deck and patio installation. We welcome you to call Rangels Patio & Concrete today!